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It's funny. Alright there we go. Hey Elizabeth. Hi hi. Hi Julie.

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  2. Все происходило так, как если бы Диаспар был живым существом, которому после каждого взрывообразного периода роста требовалось собраться с силами.
  3. Это может быть небезопасно.

I don't hate you. I was just I'm laughing.

Transport vor fi aranjate în termen de 7 zile după ce a finalizat plata.

I see pictures like that of myself all the time So with you, it's funny. They can't see you up there. I can't see hi Molly from Oklahoma Hi Molly from.

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So we. She's on another level tonight just going to warn you guys. Yes Leah so you need all the white. So here's the thing I was like I want to do something fun tonight.

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Let's do a black and white Edit Some of the products will come in other colors, but I'm going spanx slimming bodysuits be showing black and white items. They're spanx slimming bodysuits classic. I know we always all of us like love black because it's always flattering and slimming and you can never go wrong with black. So I just thought it would be fun. I even have three new pairs of shoes to show you and lots of different things to show you.

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Honey, You got the back up. Spanx slimming bodysuits can't see you that close. Is that my kid?

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She's crazy. First I have the bright and early dress we have first hold on.

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First of all can you tell them what you know about flamingos? And then if you'll their food they turn into pink. That's right, and I don't do that.

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I asked her how she knew that how do you know that and I just know it you just know it did you see it on TV. Did you learn it in school? I see it on TV. You saw it on TV. Well we were just watching on Netflix. I don't know if it's called life in color or something. It's the newest David Attenborough, David Attenborough. Animals on there like really colorful is really cool, so there's flamingos on there and then she got to tell me all about flamingos and I was like how do you know that and Sarah and Sarah says hi.

Alright, she said hi alright can let's start out. It's a bodycon dress is that a yes, it's a medium and mommy is wearing a medium.

Поэтому он не был удивлен, увидев перед собой незнакомца. Удивился же он скорее самой возможности столкнуться с кем-либо реальным в этой покинутой башне, у самой границы неведомого. Он повернулся спиной к зеркалу и уставился на человека, нарушившего его уединение.

It's a body dress. It's really cute puff sleeve detail love that, and they did it in two different fabrics. This is sort of like a ribbed, stretchy fabric and then in the sleeve is more of a like linen. It's not linen, but a linen like hey, hey, hey, look at me.

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To chill, we're going to be on the live. I want to go pee pee stop. Alright you gotta jump okay you're about to get in trouble. Alright and then we have it in black small through large. I'm wearing the medium, but it definitely is a fitted dress for sure, no matter what size you get.

I would say it even runs a smidge small, especially for me being a little bit taller. It does have a little bit short. It's all about what you're like comfortable with, but the black one is really cute too.

I have it on in the hold on I have it on in the. And I like the black because I feel like it hides a little bit better. That's why we all love black because it's so flattering. She's in pre-k and she will start kindergarten and pre-k. Yes, yes in the fall, she actually is pre K graduation coming up very soon. Are you going to show you sing your song stop touching the computer please.

Spanx slimming bodysuits can add it on what's this one. Are you getting embarrassed? Are you getting more? Are you getting chicken? My son is in third grade. Alright, so let's get on to the next thing I'm going to have to change for every outfit. And yes, I am drinking coffee right now because I still have to get ready for our swimsuit tomorrow, which requires exfoliation and self tan.

I thank God for is here. No they're for me. Sorry do you like them.

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You can have them. I love them.

Maisie I need to show them your shoes. Alright, so the only thing that we have in the live that's not black and white, our maisy shoes, and she really really I had them. I brought pierderea în greutate în gsd here to try them on her and to photograph them and she really wanted to show you guys and have something on in the live.